Ayrianna turns 9 | {Puyallup Family Photographer}

Kudos to this delightful young lady as when we had her session it was one of those blasting 90 degree days here in the Puget Sound and she didn’t complain a single time! Ayrianna is not only a beautiful girl, but so very sweet, kind and caring and during her session, she was very relaxed and natural…it was just easy and fun to photograph her! As her mom calls this birthday…her “golden” birthday since it’s her last year of being in the single digits…it was touching to watch just how emotional her mom was watching her baby, who is turning into a lovely young lady…growing up before her very eyes! As any parent knows…watching your children grow up is a delight, but also a bit sad when you know that the little child who was so dependent and looked to you for everything is becoming more independent and doesn’t always need you. This family is a blast to hang out with…I’ve known them for a few years…and had the pleasure of photographing Aaron and Elizabeth’s wedding a couple years ago (such fun!!!) and they have gone from clients to friends, which is a true blessing with my job! So…as you will see, Ayrianna has a beautiful smile and eyes that sparkle and even more than that…she’s a strong and confident girl who I know will achieve whatever she puts her mind to in life!!


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Jenny & Mikey’s “Meowage” | Puyallup Wedding Photography

Although it has been nearly 2 months since this wonderful event, it seems like just yesterday and as I prepare this post, that the fun and lively wedding took place. It was held at Pickering Barn in Issaquah and what a great venue…it had everything and the perfect weather that day was an added bonus!! Sharing in such a special day with a couple is truly a gift and to be show them highlights of a day they will never forget is what I love! Even more special is sharing this day with good friends…I have known Jenny since we moved to Puyallup, almost 20 years ago. Our daughter and Jenny met on the first day of third grade and not only have they been friends ever since, our families have been as well. Watching Jenny grow up and now getting married…it doesn’t seem possible, but I’m so excited for she and Mikey and what the future has in store for these two! They just settled in Seattle and Mikey started his residency and Jenny will start at a new school, teaching first grade…so many changes, but together, I know they can conquer whatever life presents to them.


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Violet & Lincoln | {Puyallup Children’s Photography}

Goodness me, I was so lucky to get to see this family regularly for two years…starting out with Lincoln’s newborn photos and through the Babe’s First Year and following him to his first birthday. Then, the fun continued as he was joined by little sister, Violet and that meant another year of this awesome family.  These adorable kids are so sweet and blessed to have their parents, Shawna and Phillip…they are loved and adored by them and you can see they are such happy kids, surrounded by wonderful parents to guide them! The highlight of this session was Violet’s first birthday (we were a little late between my recovery from surgery and the kids both getting colds)…and of course, it wouldn’t be complete if we didn’t include the rest of the family! Even Lincoln got a cupcake in celebration of his 2nd birthday. Violet is a beautiful and very sweet little one, who is busy and on the move, but then again, she has her big brother to keep up with, so I wasn’t a bit surprised!! Lincoln was a little quieter, but his smile just beams and I could see he was just taking in everything and checking it all out. He’s a loving big brother and is very kind and gentle towards Violet! Oh, how I’ve loved getting to know this family over the past two years…they are so kind, considerate and thoughtful and watching them grow from a family of two to four has been heartwarming!!


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Elliana – 6 mos. | {Puyallup Baby Photography)

This beautiful little girl is now 6 months old and has the best smiles! It’s really hard to meet these sweet babies as newborns and then have to wait for 6 months to see them again, but it’s always worth the wait! Elliana was a little shy, but it didn’t take long before she was giving me all sorts of precious smiles and batting those baby blue eyes and winning me over! And, lucky me, she brought her parents and big brother, Jackson with her…what fun to get to hang out with this family again and hear how they are adjusting and growing as a family of four! Both Elliana and Jackson and happy and healthy little ones and it’s obvious they are showered with love from their parents! Jackson, who turned two in November wasn’t so sure about the camera, but I managed to get a few smiles out of him…but let me tell you, he’s a handsome little guy and the outfit he was wearing was adorable!!! It’s going to be another long 6 months before I get to see this great family again…and I can’t wait…I know they will be just as fun when it’s time to celebrate Elliana’s first birthday!!


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United in Love in Vegas | {Destination Wedding}

When you talk about a trip to Las Vegas, one would think of casinos, slot machines, show girls, the strip, lights…LOTS of them and oh, so much more! My last trip there was filled with love, memories, new friends and a chance to photograph a very special day for two wonderful people! The bride, Connie, is a dear friend, who I met a couple years ago…actually online and then we met in person about a year later. Our love for photography was how we “met” but once we actually met in person, I knew we were friends forever…despite living in different states. Connie is originally from Columbia and has been in the US – California for quite some time. Since moving to the US, she’s made many friends who have become her “family” and those who have met her know just how kind, caring, passionate and faithful she is! Last summer she moved from California to Medford, Oregon and she fell in love there…not only with a wonderful man, but also with the area…and I couldn’t have been happier for her. She deserves EVERYTHING her heart desires and I knew that being there for her was the only place I would be on her wedding day! My husband came along and he had never met Connie and I hadn’t met any of the other family and friends that would be there…but by the end of the weekend, we felt like we had made wonderful new friends who were just as kind and friendly as Connie. Of course, her new hubby, Merrill, is a very generous and loving man who made us feel so welcome and as though we were part of the family. He has a wonderful person to share his life with – they are both so very lucky to have one another!! My heart is filled with happiness for the two of them and the life they have ahead of them!!

The wedding was held in a penthouse suite at the Bellagio and family and close friends all shared in their special day. The laughter, stories, love, margaritas and more filled the day…and the weekend for Connie and Merrill and all those who celebrated with them! Connie’s mother traveled from Columbia and was a dear…not that I could understand anything she said, but I loved her as it was obvious her heart and soul are just as her daughter’s are…and although we couldn’t understand what the other was saying, we both knew that we love Connie and were so very happy for her! Merrill’s brother and sister in-law were there as well…and Connie has know them for a long time and considered them her “California family” and becoming a real part of their family was an incredible gift! Others traveled from across the country and many of her friends from Southern California…and meeting each and every one of them was a blessing…knowing how much everyone loves Connie and that we were all there because we are so happy for her! The weekend was a delight…well, except for one “tiny” little mishap!! 😉 After a spectacular dinner at the Prime Steakhouse in the Bellagio some of us were headed back up to the Penthouse, including the bride and groom…when we were stuck in an elevator. Elevator #13 to be exact…and there just happened to be 13 of us in there…9 from the wedding and 2 other couples. Well, the mood was light to start, but as time went on…and air became a bit more stifling and we kept being told “they were working on it” and then an “outside party” was called to come figure it out…we were impatient and MORE than ready to get out. Thankfully, we didn’t have a medical emergency in there, but we were all concerned if the time continued as to what might happen. Eventually, it was the Las Vegas Fire Department who got us out and I would guess that everyone has never been so happy to see firefighters (looking quite nice in their full gear!) in their life as when they helped us out…it was well over an hour and not quite how the evening was suppose to end. Given that the suite was on the 26th floor, we all had to eventually get back in elevators, but we refused to ride in elevator #13! If you have been to Las Vegas, you know that you really don’t have a choice, but to use elevators when staying in the hotels…so we all had to suppress our fears after that and get back “on the horse” or in the elevator for the rest of our stay!! The Bellagio did compensate all of us, so that did help…but I certainly wouldn’t choose to go through that again for another weekend getaway!

Combining my love for photography and the love I have for a friend and being able to capture a very special day in her life and that of her new husband filled my heart with joy. Sharing in the wedding of even my clients is a great day…knowing the love and commitment that they are making and how much it means…I’m always overcome with emotion as I think back to the day my husband and I were married…and know what a day like this means!! My wish for you, Connie and Merrill, is a lifetime of love, laughter and more happiness than you can ever imagine. You two are incredible people and I couldn’t be happier for you! {P.S. Rick and I ARE coming to visit you and we can’t wait to hang out with both of you!}


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Kara – 6 months | {Puyallup Baby Photography}

Sweet, sweet Kara turned 6 months old last month…look at this beautiful little one and those eyes that sparkle and shine! It’s a delight to follow “my babies” through their one year sessions and I’m always in awe of the changes and seeing how the little ones and their parents have grown and bonded. This wonderful family is so great…Abbie and Chris are relaxed and loving parents and it’s obvious they are totally in love with Kara!! Yes, their lives have changed in the past year, but they have embraced it and are growing and learning right along with Kara…and it’s truly a blessing to see such great families bringing little ones into this world who I know are going to grow into happy, healthy and thriving people. So, without further ado…here is sweet Kara (and an ADORABLE little ladybug at the end of the post!). Kara_6mos_0001

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Dudek Family | {Puyallup Family Photography}

Last month I had the pleasure of meeting and photographing this beautiful family and I can’t say just how much I enjoyed my time with them. Right from the start, I knew it was going to be fun and easy…Andrew, 4 years old introduced himself and had the best smile…and him mom, Liz was so relaxed and at ease, that I could just tell this was going to be a great session. We had a beautiful fall day, great colors and wonderful park and everything fell together just perfectly! Liz and Joe are such relaxed parents and were so easy to talk with and work with…and that all reflected on their beautiful and very sweet children, Andrew and Emily. I must admit, these two little ones stole my heart and I could have brought them home with me in a heartbeat…what cuties and so well behaved and such fun to hang out with! Emily became my pal and walked me me and let me adjust her shirt or headband whenever needed! It was interesting talking with Joe and Liz…they’ve recently moved from Kentucky, but were originally from NY and Colorado…so have both moved around a bit, but have a great attitude about their moving and I couldn’t help but feel a connection as their moves are similar to those my husband and I (and our children) made when they were little…and the kids were smilier ages…and in talking with Liz…she said that she felt like the moves have made them a stronger family, a stronger couple – that they’ve had to rely on each other in harder times and learn how to get through it all together…and that is just how my husband and I felt when we moved away from family with our little ones…I know this family missed their family from their hometowns, but I must say, I feel blessed to have met them and had some time getting to know them! As you will see, this is one GREAT looking family!!!!! Emma_iPad_0003Emma_iPad_0004Emma_iPad_0005Emma_iPad_0006Emma_iPad_0007Emma_iPad_0008Emma_iPad_0009Emma_iPad_0010Emma_iPad_0011Emma_iPad_0012Emma_iPad_0013Emma_iPad_0014Emma_iPad_0015Emma_iPad_0016Emma_iPad_0017Emma_iPad_0018Emma_iPad_0019Emma_iPad_0020Emma_iPad_0021Emma_iPad_0022

Joe and Liz…thank you for your patience in waiting for this post…I hope it was worth the wait. The gallery will be ready soon! And, know that I was serious when I said, I’d be happy to watch your kiddos for you, if you ever need a “surrogate” grandma!! <3

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