Ayrianna turns 9 | {Puyallup Family Photographer}

Kudos to this delightful young lady as when we had her session it was one of those blasting 90 degree days here in the Puget Sound and she didn’t complain a single time! Ayrianna is not only a beautiful girl, but so very sweet, kind and caring and during her session, she was very relaxed and natural…it was just easy and fun to photograph her! As her mom calls this birthday…her “golden” birthday since it’s her last year of being in the single digits…it was touching to watch just how emotional her mom was watching her baby, who is turning into a lovely young lady…growing up before her very eyes! As any parent knows…watching your children grow up is a delight, but also a bit sad when you know that the little child who was so dependent and looked to you for everything is becoming more independent and doesn’t always need you. This family is a blast to hang out with…I’ve known them for a few years…and had the pleasure of photographing Aaron and Elizabeth’s wedding a couple years ago (such fun!!!) and they have gone from clients to friends, which is a true blessing with my job! So…as you will see, Ayrianna has a beautiful smile and eyes that sparkle and even more than that…she’s a strong and confident girl who I know will achieve whatever she puts her mind to in life!!



I LOVE LOVE LOVE the connection that Ayrianna has with her dog, Willow…it’s precious and priceless…they both obviously adore each other!ayrianna_0009ayrianna_0010ayrianna_0011ayrianna_0012ayrianna_0013ayrianna_0014ayrianna_0015ayrianna_0016ayrianna_0017ayrianna_0018ayrianna_0019ayrianna_0020ayrianna_0021

~ GORGEOUS GIRL ~ayrianna_0022ayrianna_0023ayrianna_0024This beautiful little message that her parents wrote for her explains it all…ayrianna_0025ayrianna_0026ayrianna_0027

Ayrianna…you totally ROCK…and I know that you will be strong enough for whatever comes your ways in life…be true to yourself and faithful to those who love you!!