Welcome Jonathan | {Puyallup Newborn Photography}

It was such a delight to be able to meet the Roses’ family newest member who joined them early this month…Jonathan! This little, well, not really so little, he was well over 9 lbs – was wanted more than you can imagine and they waited a long time for him and I’m SO very happy for them…it’s a huge blessing and a joy that I know they count daily!! Jonathan joined his big sister, Mary, and she is over the top about being a big sister and Mom, Melinda, says that she’s a great helper and perfect big sister!! I loved how excited Mary was to introduce me to her new brother and show me everything I needed to know for his session on this beautiful summer afternoon.

While Jonathan was awake for part of the session, he also slept at the end, guess we wore him out. He was a great little model and just went along with whatever we did…such a sweetheart!

You can see the pride that Mary has over being a big sister…she loves him so very much!

I so LOVE the “little bits” of newborns…it’s always hard to remember how little they are when they are even just a year old…so capturing these pieces is a great memory and treasure!

Dad (Dave) and Mom are more in love with the son than they could have even imagined…my heart was filled with excitement for them!!

Look at that sweet face…oh my, SO cute!TRUE love…

During a feeding break for Jonathan, Mary wanted to help me and take some photos…so we took pictures of each other…I think she has a future…she was very interested in seeing what she shot and trying again to get it right. I love when children are interested in learning and trying new things…she’s such a bright girl!

Modeling is hard work, even for a baby!

Momma and her kiddos…one of the best things in life! 

These parents are filled with love for their son and so happy he’s finally here…I know this little guy has the very best parents he could ever have!!

Thank you, Rose Family, introducing me to your new little one…I am so very happy for all of you can can’t wait to watch your kiddos grow up! And, good luck next week with watching Mary head off to school…she’s starting kindergarten and so besides adding a new family member, seeing your first child start school, another huge milestone…so very exciting! 

Senior Sierra… | {Part II}

It’s time for another dose of Sierra…more of this beautiful young woman and some amazing scenes from Montana! As you will see, Sierra LOVES horses and everything about them…she is quite passionate about each and every one of them and they are a huge part of her life. After high school, her plans are to move to Washington and attend Central Washington University (CWU) and join the Equestrian team…which seems like a perfect fit for her! Of course, I’m thrilled she will be in Washington and maybe get a chance to photograph her, possibly while competing with the team!! Along with the equestrian team, Sierra plans on double majoring in business and French in college…and sees travel in her future! As for the French…she’s taken it for several years and is quite fluent in it! I asked Sierra where she’d like to travel if she could go anywhere…her first thought was Norway since she is a quarter Norwegian and she’d love to explore the country and meet some distant relatives. She also would love to go to Spain…she traveled there a couple summers ago and would love to return and see more. I can only imagine what Sierra will do with her future…she’s ambitious and full of energy to explore all that is available to her in her future! Here is “day two” our our time in Montana with Sierra and her mom…it was as wonderful as the first!

I quickly learned that trying to get three horses to stay in the same place is more difficult than working with three toddlers…

For the past year, Sierra has been the Miss BIG SKY Rodeo Queen…and had the pleasure of representing the Rodeo at many functions in the area during the year!

As I said with the first post…there was lots of laughter during these two days!!

Sierra’s cousin, Tawnie, came out the second morning to help her with the horses…what a kind and generous offer and it was really appreciated!!

Lookie what we found in the barn…these little babies were waiting for momma to return with some food!

 ~ Kisses ~

Of course, we had to make sure to grab a shot or two of Sierra with her dad…I’m sure this year will be bittersweet for him…watching her grow up and move away, but proud of what a great person she’s become!

Do you think she likes horses?!! LOL

I had NO idea that you could find pelicans in Montana…and in a small lake (pond) on their property…I learned something new!!

Another adventure…more “off roading” to find some out of the way spots! Thanks to my husband for helping with the gates we had to open to get through!!

A lovely and peaceful river was where we ventured to and it was a delight to see…not a sole around, besides us!!

Another shot for Subaru!!!As I said before, Sierra would do anything…and this time, she got a tad closer to the water than she planned….see below!!! 🙂

Oops…didn’t bother her a bit!

This horse was quite curious about her boots (these are the “good” ones!)…it was funny to see the curiosity!

LOVED this little barn/outhouse…I knew that we’d return when the light was better and wow, it was perfect for this “All American Girl!”

Some clouds in the sky…mix it up with the sun – it equals magic!!

Wheat fields as the sun nears the horizon…such a wonderful scene!

Our final stop of the day for shooting…an old Stage Coach stop from YEARS ago…such great character and if only it could talk and tell us stories…I can only imagine what this was like when it was a working stop…ahh, the thoughts of the people going through here, I’d love to hear their stories!!

As I said before…we were at Birdtale Ranch the first day, well actually most of both days…behind Sierra is the “Birdtale” landmark!!

One last shot for Subaru!!!

The sun is dropping…the end our second day is nearing…sad to see it ending!

A great day with two great women…mom and daughter, such a wonderful couple of days and so many great memories from our time in Montana!

We were heading out from the last stop and saw some amazing color over the hills…

And, guess what, it was a full SUPER moon that last night, what a treat to see and photograph this in a state nicknamed BIG SKY, and you can see why when you see the gorgeous skies!!!

As we crested over a hill, this was what we saw and WOWZA…I must admit, that I might have screamed a bit and of course, we pulled over to soak up (and photograph!!) this amazing scene…it was the most spectacular sunset I’ve ever seen!!!

Such a wonderful visit to Montana, a beautiful young woman beginning her senior year of high school, some incredible weather and great memories! It was a blast…thank you Sue and Sierra! Rick and I really enjoyed our little getaway and loved sharing a couple of days with you two! I wish you a year filled with fun, joy, great memories and good grades (haha, the mom in me couldn’t resist!!), Sierra and I know you have amazing things ahead of you in life…I can’t wait to see what you do in the future!!


STUNNING…Sierra | {Senior Photography…Puyallup}

WOWZA…that word describes my time/session with Sierra – a 2014 senior who will graduate from Simms High School, in Simms Montana. Now, where is that, you might ask…well, it’s about 30 miles west of Great Falls, MT and it’s a lovely little community filled with acres and acres of grain and hay…lots of cattle and horses! How, you may ask, did I end up shooting a senior in Montana…well, I met this gal a few years back when she was visiting her family in Washington and knew that when the day came, I wanted to shoot her senior photos. That was a few years off, but time flew by and here she is starting her senior year on Monday (tomorrow!)…and I was lucky enough to get to visit her in her home, her comfort zone and see all that she loves and lives by!  A warning…there are TONS of photos (and there will be a second part!)…it was just too hard to not show so many photos of this beautiful (and OH, so much more!) young woman! One of my conditions when scheduling her session was that it had to be two days long…if I was going out there, somewhere I’d not visited before (but will again!!!), I wanted to see all we could and to shoot in as many locations as she could come up with…so needless to say, there are LOTS of photos and I fell in love with the Sun River Valley, as the area is called! Sierra actually lives in Vaughn, on a ranch with her dad and has many horses that she cares for, rides, trains and more. Living on a ranch brings many responsibilities and jobs…and although she’s a teenager, she is a hardworking and dependable one, who is dedicated to her passion…horses, and doing all that is needed to take care of them and their surroundings! I SO enjoyed seeing what her life was all about and just watching her with the horses…not to mention seeing all the incredible places she took us to…wowza (again)…it was amazing!

Sierra’s last year in Montana is one that she wants to make great memories…not only with her friends and classmates, but also her family out there and the community…a place she has lived for a good part of her life and loves. I’d imagine that Sierra has a connection with everyone in her graduating class…given that it’s a small community, the school is small, with approximately 150 students in the whole high school and I don’t recall exactly what the number of seniors is, but it’s around 30 this year…so when I say she has a connection with all of them, this is why! What a great bond these young people have and the life in Montana is really simple…not in a bad way, but in the way that the basics are what they focus on…school, family, work and helping out one another! I think that some of the larger communities around our country could learn a lot from focusing on just the basics in life…these are what are really important and sometimes I think our young people either forget or don’t learn that…but not Sierra! She’s an amazing young woman who I can’t say enough about…more about her in “part II” of her blog, coming up later this week! For now…here’s…. S I E R R A

We had a little visitor while at Birdtale Ranch…this kitty seemed to think we were there for her (him?) and loved any attention she got from us, so how could I leave her out of the shoot! LOL

We ventured up into the fields…creating our out path (to the left)…and then walked further up where there were some great rock formations and some amazing views…dare I say it again… WOWZA!I quickly learned that the next two days would be filled with lots of laughter and giggles and OH, how I loved it when Sierra laughed…and then we would often get the “tongue” which was hysterical…and was often directed at her mom (all in jest), or even me a few times…loved it!Now these boots…these are her “working” boots that I think she pretty much lives in…and you can see they are well broken in and worn with lots of love…the shoes in the photo above…new for Sierra, not something she normally wears and I told her NO breaking an ankle during our shoot…LOLSee what I mean about the views…stunning!We figured a shot to show just where were really did park for this stop would be appropriate…and maybe even for a Subaru commercial…believe me, I learned these cars will go ANYWHERE!!

These cattle were not sure about me, or my camera and maybe when I said something about “shooting” down there, they got a bit nervous…can’t say that I blame them!!This was an old (obviously!) stone house and the remains were amazing to see…to think about how it was built so many years ago..truly incredible what they could do without all the tools and supplies we have today! The only part that made me nervous…the fact that Sierra said beware of snakes…YIKES…not what I wanted to hear, but best to be warned and thankfully, we didn’t see any!! Phew!!Did I not tell you now beautiful this gal is…{here I go again) WOWZA!!This was a beautiful location…Giant Springs State Park and it has an amazing sight…where the largest (Missouri) and smallest (Roe) rivers in the US meet up! The Roe River runs between Giant Springs and the Missouri River.  The Roe River is only 201 feet (61 m) at its longest constant point. Towards its end, the Roe becomes surprisingly deep, at least 6–8 feet. What a beautiful park and the waters were gorgeous…so happy we stopped here!And now…we are at the Missouri River…and Sierra didn’t hesitate to get in it (which was remarkably warm – at least compared to the Pacific Northwest Rivers which tend to be colder)…I even got in a bit…As I said…loved the giggles and the way she crinkled up her nose…adorable and so sweet!!

We found some fun and unique things in downtown Great Falls…it was fun to see the area and explore a bit…all brand new to me!

Sunset across the river…let me tell you, sunsets in Montana are A.M.A.Z.I.N.G  I’m not sure why, but the sun and skies are incredibly brilliant and I just melted with the colors….{okay, again} WOWZA!Such a wonderful day and so great to spend it with a beautiful mother and her daughter!!

Let me tell you, I loved this girl…she would do anything (and I mean anything!) for the shoot/photos…like go waist deep in the river with her clothes on…oh, the fun we had…and this was just day one, wait until the next part!Sierra TOTALLY ROCKED day one of her session and just going back through the photos for her blog, makes me miss Montana and want to go back right away! Sierra and her mom, Sue, were a blast to hang out with and not only did we see some great sights, get some wonderful photos of Sierra (and the surroundings), but we also had a great time together, just talking, laughing and sharing…it really was a blast! 🙂



Lucky Lincoln | {Tacoma Children’s Photography}

It’s finally Lincoln’s turn to star on the blog…and although he had to wait a bit, hopefully, it was worth it! This cutie with beautiful eyes turned 6 months old and with being in my “Babe’s First Year” plan, this is his second time up here! As with his cousin, Wyatt, who was up just before him…I’m so lucky to be able to follow him for his first year and watch him grow and change…what a joy! This little guy has the sweetest disposition and although he’s not quite moving around yet, I can tell it won’t be long before he’s exploring and learning all about what has been just out of his reach so far! Lincoln is very observant and will probably be soaking up all that he can learn in his early years! His eyes  will grab you, but I’m guessing his heart will win you over…I can’t wait to see him for his one year session early next year! On this day, he shared the time with Wyatt and the two of them are together are great together…being cousins so close in age, they will have such great memories to share as they grow up together! Mom and Dad, Shawna and Phillip, are very in love with this little guy and it’s fun to watch them all together! Okay…it’s time…check out this cutie!!!!

So great to see you all again, and I can’t wait until Lincoln’s one year session…and to hear the news of your newest little one’s arrival!!  🙂

Wyatt turns ONE | {Tacoma Children’s Photographer}

It was a real treat to see this family again…it had been six months since I last saw them and OH…how I love seeing how the little ones have grown and changed during that time! Wyatt has starred here two times already -as a newborn and then again at six months of age. One of my “Babe’s First Year” baby’s…these little ones become so special to me and not only am I honored to be asked to capture some special memories for the family of their little one…I fall in love with each and every one of the babies…it has to be one of the BEST jobs ever!! On this day, a few days before Wyatt actually turned one…we met up with more than just his parents, Rob and Dianna…Rob’s older son, Dakota, came along as well to join in a few of the photos (love the one of Rob with his “boys!”)…and his aunt and uncle and baby cousin also came along…so we blended them together for some of the photos as well as capturing their own photos. I can hardly believe Wyatt is already one…as I go back through is past sessions…he’s grown so much and has just gotten cuter…okay, I guess I should say “more handsome” to be correct! His sweet little personality is a delight to observe and seeing how he adores his parents and just how tender he was with his cousin, Lincoln, who is 6 months old (coming up in the next blog)…what a treasure it is to see how happy he is and what a joy he is to his parents…I’ve so enjoyed following this little guy during his first year…  So without further delay…here’s WYATT (and his family!)…

Wyatt, I wish you a lifetime of love and joy and Rob and Dianna…you are so blessed with such a wonderful little guy…enjoy and cherish each and every day! Thank you for trusting me this past year to capture some “memories” for you as well as Wyatt!!

All in the FAMILY | {Tacoma Family Photographer}

Families…full of love, joy, sharing and lots of laughter! Well, let me introduce you to this family…of families! The two littlest one are cousins…Wyatt just turned ONE this month and his younger cousin, Lincoln, is 6 months old! Oh, the joys of cousins, being close in age and able to grow up together! It’s one of those amazing things about childhood that carries over to later in life and besides being related, they often end up being close friends! Now, this family is a little more unique than most where they have little ones around the same time. Mom’s of these little guys, Dianna and Shawna, are sisters and twins…and to have children – boys so close together, what a special bond they share as well as their sons! To add to this unique family, the dads, Rob and Phillip, are also related…they are brothers!! I don’t know how much closer you can connect families…such a joy for both families – sharing so much – and so many joyous occasions for both families! I met Wyatt and his parents a year ago shortly after he was born and then when he was six months old, I had the delight of meeting his new cousin, Lincoln, and the pleasure of capturing his newborn photos. Both of these little guys are part of my “Babe’s First Year” and it’s been so much fun to see them so often with the connection!! On this day, not only did we photograph both families together, we also captured Wyatt’s one year photos and Lincoln’s six month photos…watch for those blogs coming up later this week!!

I LOVE this photo…what a wonderful time for sisters/moms/aunts to share the joy of their little ones!!

These cuties were so much fun and I’m excited to share photos with you from each of their sessions…they both stole my heart and I loved watching them together!!

Girt Family | {Edgewood Family Photography}

August started out with a wonderful family who just happened to be celebrating a special day when I met them. Joe and Kelli have two boys, who are QUITE handsome and were such fun…Garret is three, and actually it was his birthday on this day…so as you can imagine, he was full of energy (as three year olds are anyway!) and quite excited about the evenings events! Then there is Ryder who is just over one and a bit shy but he warmed up…as long as mom was close by. Watching this family and seeing just how busy they are…reminded me of when I kids were little and just how quickly those days pass…even if some days it doesn’t feel like that!  Garret greeted me as soon as I got out of my car…”Hi, photo lady!” It was so cute and he had me at that first HI and kept me going the whole session! A very busy boy who has a smile that REALLY shines…my oh my, and personality goes right along with it! Ryder was quieter…he took more time to watch and observe, but enjoyed playing in their play area on the equipment and although he’s just one, he could do (or tried) just about anything his brother does. The sweet, shy smile and big brown eyes just grab you and pull you in…you want to hug this little guy tight! He loves their dog, Frank, and swinging is at the tops of things he loves doing now! Dad and Mom…they may be busy, but you can see just how much they enjoy these two and aren’t letting a minute pass them by of their lives right

Garret didn’t sit still for very long, so this first shot was a bonus…and probably one of my favorites of him!

Ryder…not moving quite as fast as his big brother and content to just be gently swinging!

How could I resist their dog, Frank, who was their baby before the boys…love this face…Pugs have so much personality just in their little snout

Trying to keep Garret still for a family photo…a challenge and yet it is part of their life now…busy, perpetual motion and yet just perfect for their family at this time! I love the photo below…it show the boys personalities and mom and dad just embracing it all

Warming up a bit and playing peek a boo…so stinkin’ cute!

A kiss for the birthday boy!

LOVED their play yard and toys…it’s obvious the boys spend a lot of time here…and although Ryder can just barely peek out, I’m sure he’s going to soon be as tall as his brother and the two of them will spend hours in the “fort!”

Okay, this might be a favorite of Garret as well…a rare still moment and I love the natural smile…ahh!!!!Family FUN…such a great memory…for all of them

This totally shows the boys’ personalities…and I love it…Now a three year old…who loves balloons and especially the color orange…a boy filled with love, curiosity, energy (LOTS!), hugs, kisses and a desire to explore and learn – exactly what he should be doing at three years of age!

A rare moment for Dad and Mom (if only you had seen it…Ryder clinging to mom’s let and Garret trying to “tickle” them with my feather duster!!).


And, finally, Garret is SO excited about his NEMO cake and who wouldn’t be…look at how cute this is!Was Garret ever excited about his toys…and I can tell he will have LOTS of play time with them…there will be hours of entertainment with these, I’m sure

Ryder decided to play a bit with the bows and paper…exactly what a one year old loves doin

This is just what a three year old should be doing…playing and exploring…and I loved that I could see him in his room and it perfectly fits him…I would have loved to have stayed and played with him, I can only imagine the imagination that Garret has

Joe and Kelli…your boys are the sweetest and I really enjoyed meeting all of you and spending some time on a special day – capturing just a bit of a “day in your life.” When I look at the photos, I smile and it warms my heart seeing just what a great family you are…and the incredible parents you two are…so loving and embracing of your boys and just what they are doing right now in their lives!

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