Carter is ONE | {Puyallup Baby Photography}

Sweet Carter was a great way to start out my Sunday this past weekend. It has been a year since this cutie was in the studio and I was so excited to have him back again and see how he’s grown! I’ve had the benefit of seeing him on Facebook some and occasionally as he walked by our home with his grandpa (grandparents live in our neighborhood)…but to have him to photograph was a true delight! When Carter entered the world, he came a bit early and had a short stay in the hospital, but oh, he’s all boy and 100% up to what a one year old should be doing…it’s a delight to see!! Of course, he brought along dad and mom…who he likes to keep close by…it’s refreshing to see this little guy loved oh so very much and thriving and growing…can’t wait to see him next time!!

Carter_Puyallup_Baby_0001Carter_Puyallup_Baby_0002Carter_Puyallup_Baby_0003Carter_Puyallup_Baby_0004Carter_Puyallup_Baby_0005Carter_Puyallup_Baby_0006Carter_Puyallup_Baby_0007Carter_Puyallup_Baby_0008Carter_Puyallup_Baby_0009Carter really likes the “Elephant Song” and as you can see, he knows just want to do with technology already at his age! 😉Carter_Puyallup_Baby_0010Carter_Puyallup_Baby_0011Carter_Puyallup_Baby_0012Carter_Puyallup_Baby_0013Carter_Puyallup_Baby_0014Carter_Puyallup_Baby_0015Carter_Puyallup_Baby_0016Whoo hoo…he sure liked being almost naked!!!
Carter_Puyallup_Baby_0017But he wasn’t sure about the cake…and was quite clean with his “cake smash!”Carter_Puyallup_Baby_0018Couldn’t resist taking the last one above…I know, he’s not happy or smiling, but the tears and crying is okay…it’s HIS party and he can cry if he wants to!! Carter_Puyallup_Baby_0019Carter_Puyallup_Baby_0020Carter_Puyallup_Baby_0021Carter_Puyallup_Baby_0022He had much more fun with his rings while sitting on mommy’s lap than the cake!!Carter_Puyallup_Baby_0023Carter_Puyallup_Baby_0024Abby and Ken…you have a very handsome little guy and it was a delight to see the two of you, but especially Carter….he was a lot of fun to hang out with during his session!!

Jenny & Mikey…ENGAGED | {Puyallup Wedding Photography}

This post is a bit overdue, but certainly not because the engagement is overdue…it’s a busy schedule this summer that hasn’t given me the full amount of time I needed for this post. We actually had two different sessions for this as the weather didn’t cooperate one day for our “mountain” shots…so we had to break it up, which was just as well…that meant I got to spend more time with this awesome couple! Jenny and Mikey are the cutest couple and such fun to be around…I can’t wait for their wedding next May…I can only imagine how beautiful and fun it will be…with every detail perfectly planned out and executed! These two have actually known each other since high school and been friends…it just took a few years for them to figure out they were meant to be more than friends! Here we are, over 10 years since high school and planning a wedding, it’s all very exciting! Jenny is a first grade teacher and Mikey is finishing his last year of med school…and will start an internship next June…location, yet to be determined! I know they will have a great life and am excited to see where their future takes them…but I hope it’s not too far away as I want to be able to capture special times in their lives as “life” happens with them!!

The session (first one!) began at Gibson’s Yogurt in Tacoma as they have lots of special memories from there including the proposal (upstairs in a room above the shop)!!! What a fun place to start…and if you’ve never been to Gibson’s…I highly recommend it!!! YUM!! We then moved on to the UW campus in Tacoma and that has meaning to both Jenny and Mikey…she had finished up her master’s program there this spring and Mikey is at the UW med school (Seattle)…it was a perfect afternoon on a quiet Sunday there – and of course, we had to pop across the street by the Glass Museum for some shots as well…both of them love Tacoma and wanted their city as the back drop for their session…and we had some wonderful scenes. The second session was another evening about a month later and we were able to end the session on the waterfront in Tacoma with Mt. Rainier in the background and some magical light…for a wonderful couple!


J&M_Tacoma_Engagement_0005J&M_Tacoma_Engagement_0006J&M_Tacoma_Engagement_0007Mikey will be a caring and compassionate doctor – he seems to have a passion for helping children, but I know that whatever field he chooses, he will excel and be a great asset to his patients!!J&M_Tacoma_Engagement_0008J&M_Tacoma_Engagement_0009J&M_Tacoma_Engagement_0010J&M_Tacoma_Engagement_0011J&M_Tacoma_Engagement_0013What a beautiful bride Jenny will make…she’s such a kind and loving person…and I can only imagine the “ooh and aahs” that she will get on her wedding day…SO excited!!J&M_Tacoma_Engagement_0014J&M_Tacoma_Engagement_0015J&M_Tacoma_Engagement_0016I told you they were the cutest couple, didn’t I!?!!J&M_Tacoma_Engagement_0017J&M_Tacoma_Engagement_0018J&M_Tacoma_Engagement_0019J&M_Tacoma_Engagement_0020J&M_Tacoma_Engagement_0021J&M_Tacoma_Engagement_0022J&M_Tacoma_Engagement_0023J&M_Tacoma_Engagement_0024J&M_Tacoma_Engagement_0025J&M_Tacoma_Engagement_0026J&M_Tacoma_Engagement_0027J&M_Tacoma_Engagement_0028J&M_Tacoma_Engagement_0029J&M_Tacoma_Engagement_0030J&M_Tacoma_Engagement_0031J&M_Tacoma_Engagement_0032J&M_Tacoma_Engagement_0033J&M_Tacoma_Engagement_0034J&M_Tacoma_Engagement_0035LOVE this shot…Mikey is one lucky guy…and of course, Jenny is quite lucky herself…they are a great couple!!J&M_Tacoma_Engagement_0036J&M_Tacoma_Engagement_0037J&M_Tacoma_Engagement_0038J&M_Tacoma_Engagement_0039J&M_Tacoma_Engagement_0040A fabulous couple with a wonderful story that will be continued next May…and I know that the future has so many things in store for them, I can’t wait to see what it is! For now, it’s Jenny and Mikey, but next May they will become “Mr. and Mrs.” and I’ll be anxious to share that special day with all of you!!

Logan & Abigail | {Puyallup Children’s Photographer}

It’s hard to believe these kids are 2 and 4 (well, 4 1/2)…they are growing up far to quickly! I’ve had the pleasure of knowing this family since before they became a family…these cuties dad (not in the photos…he had to work!)…went to preschool with our son in Tennessee…so there is a lot of history here. And now to see his kids and the oldest about the same age as when we met dad…it’s heartwarming to see a new generation growing up! Logan turned 2 at the end of July and I remember the day he arrived and it certainly doesn’t seem possible that it’s been just over two years! Big sister, Abigail is 4 1/2 and has so much personality and was quite the helper during the session…and is becoming a great little model…as you will see…I just loved watching her pose and direct the photos!! A new addition to this family is a “four-legged” sister, Sadie, who is super cute and so very sweet!!! I must admit, I took any opportunity to cuddle and snuggle with this cutie…who was 14 weeks old during this session. She was really well behaved (good job, Mom!) and is so good with the kids! We had a great time at the park and then after lunch, we headed into the studio for a few more photos…and surprisingly, Sadie was quite comfortable up there…I think she could have taken a good nap there, but maybe that is because the kids wore her out at the park!!

Swift_Puyallup_0001Swift_Puyallup_0002Swift_Puyallup_0003Swift_Puyallup_0004Swift_Puyallup_0005Swift_Puyallup_0006Swift_Puyallup_0007Swift_Puyallup_0008Swift_Puyallup_0009Swift_Puyallup_0010Swift_Puyallup_0011Swift_Puyallup_0012Swift_Puyallup_0013Swift_Puyallup_0014Swift_Puyallup_0015Swift_Puyallup_0016Swift_Puyallup_0017Swift_Puyallup_0018Swift_Puyallup_0019Swift_Puyallup_0020Swift_Puyallup_0021Swift_Puyallup_0022Swift_Puyallup_0023Swift_Puyallup_0024Swift_Puyallup_0025Swift_Puyallup_0026Swift_Puyallup_0027Swift_Puyallup_0028Swift_Puyallup_0029Swift_Puyallup_0030Swift_Puyallup_0031Swift_Puyallup_0032Swift_Puyallup_0033Swift_Puyallup_0034Swift_Puyallup_0035Swift_Puyallup_0036Swift_Puyallup_0037Swift_Puyallup_0038Swift_Puyallup_0039Swift_Puyallup_0040Swift_Puyallup_0041Swift_Puyallup_0042Swift_Puyallup_0043Oh goodness…what fun I had during this session…the kids kept me going and I loved every minute of it and Sadie helped satisfy my puppy/dog cravings…I might just need some more time with this cuddly cutie!! Thank you, Alli, for a great time with your kiddos and it was wonderful to catch up with you!!

Lil’ Sis Elliana | {Puyallup Newborn Photographer}

It’s been such a joy to meet and photography so many newborns this year…I can’t tell you how much I enjoy these precious new little ones, who have literally – their whole life ahead of them. In meeting their parents and hearing the wonderful stories of love and incredible delight as they talk about their newest addition to their lives. Sweet Elliana is a beauty, but she wasn’t so little when she arrived and was a little bit of a surprise to her parents that she was so big, but it didn’t change a single thing about how delighted they were when she arrived, joining their family which includes big brother, Jackson, who is not quite two. Jackson is a cutie and has the greatest smile, but was quite evasive when it came to staying still…he much preferred playing with the toys in the hallway or running outside with daddy…some day he will love having a little sister to play with, but for now, he wasn’t too interested in her! I chuckle as the age difference between these two is just what the age difference is between our kids (now parents themselves!!)…and it was just the same, our son really didn’t seem very excited about his new little sister, but as she got older, they were each others best playmates…I’m sure someday Jackson and Elliana will become best of friends!! Jennifer and Frank were a pleasure to meet and so relaxed and at ease with their two beautiful children! I’m so lucky to be able to meet such amazing people and especially at a time when they are filled with amazing love (and maybe a little exhaustion!!)…welcoming a new little one to a family is truly one of the most exciting times of ones lives!!



Frank and Jennifer…congratulations on your beautiful new daughter and enjoy your new expanded family! I look forward to seeing all of your in six months for Elliana’s next session…I can’t wait to see she and Jackson!!!

Sweet Violet | {Puyallup Children’s Photographer}

Such a sweet little girl, Violet is now 6 months old and part of my Babe’s First Year plan (as was her big brother, Lincoln)…this cutie has the most beautiful eyes and was SO good during her session. She shared some time with Lincoln as well as her parents during the session and it was wonderful. We had beautiful weather, not too warm and not too cold…and dry (it had rained the day before!)…ideal for little ones! I just love all the outfits that mom had picked out for Violet and she was a real trooper with the outfit changes, not minding a bit! She was quite curious about the long dry grasses and was doing her best to try and get to them, wherever she was seated. It took some extra work to distract her from this new found thing that she of course, ever tried putting in her mouth! What little one doesn’t put any new thing they find in their mouth. Big brother, Lincoln, was full of smiles and loved exploring while his sister was busy getting her photos taken…and he especially like the big trees around there…he’s definitely all boy and I’m sure will teach Violet all the things he has learned as she gets bigger! She isn’t quite crawling, but I am sure she is by now or will soon be and can hardly wait to see what she’s up to when her one year session rolls around in February!


PuyallupFamilyChildren_Day_0001PuyallupFamilyChildren_Day_0002PuyallupFamilyChildren_Day_0003PuyallupFamilyChildren_Day_0004PuyallupFamilyChildren_Day_0005PuyallupFamilyChildren_Day_0006PuyallupFamilyChildren_Day_0007PuyallupFamilyChildren_Day_0008PuyallupFamilyChildren_Day_0009PuyallupFamilyChildren_Day_0010PuyallupFamilyChildren_Day_0011PuyallupFamilyChildren_Day_0012PuyallupFamilyChildren_Day_0013PuyallupFamilyChildren_Day_0014PuyallupFamilyChildren_Day_0015PuyallupFamilyChildren_Day_0016PuyallupFamilyChildren_Day_0017PuyallupFamilyChildren_Day_0018PuyallupFamilyChildren_Day_0019PuyallupFamilyChildren_Day_0022PuyallupFamilyChildren_Day_0020Philip and Shawna, it was wonderful to see all of you and I can’t tell you how much I enjoy seeing you two with your beautiful children…what a blessing they are to have such great parents as you two! Enjoy the photos!!

Johnny turns ONE | {Puyallup Children’s Photographer}

As I’ve said before, the highlight of my work is following families as they grow and watching the children grow up…it is really a gift to be able to have the pleasure of meeting these new little ones and watching them grow into a little person in time. Johnny is now a year old and WOW…what a handsome little guy! He’s now one and is walking, running, climbing and more…he is a very busy little guy!! I had the pleasure of meeting his family a few years ago and photographing his big sister, Mary and have really enjoyed getting to know all of them. This little guy is full of energy and has a spark in his eyes that let you know he’s ready to keep moving an exploring! Johnny is a happy and curious toddler who had one smile after another during his session…I loved my time with him!!

JohnnyBlog_0001JohnnyBlog_0002JohnnyBlog_0003JohnnyBlog_0004JohnnyBlog_0005JohnnyBlog_0006I couldn’t resist this face when he decided the water was a bit too cold after wandering in on his own! JohnnyBlog_0007A little Seahawk fan…JohnnyBlog_0008JohnnyBlog_0009JohnnyBlog_0010Big sister, Mary, is so good with Johnny…and it’s obvious that he adores her!JohnnyBlog_0011JohnnyBlog_0012JohnnyBlog_0013What little boy doesn’t give rocks and dirt a try at least once in the early years!?!JohnnyBlog_0014JohnnyBlog_0015JohnnyBlog_0016Ahh, he’s still for a bit, and playing with the trucks…what a delight this session was!

Dave and Melinda, I thoroughly enjoyed the time with your family during Johnny’s session…thank you for sharing a bit of your day – I hope you two had a nice dinner celebrating your anniversary!

Harper…PRECIOUS | {Puyallup Newborn Photography}

It’s about time that I’m getting this blog posted…and it’s been killing me that I haven’t had the time lately to get it ready and posted because it’s a very special one for me…it’s of our newest little granddaughter, Harper, who arrived at the end of July! This makes three precious and beautiful granddaughters for my husband and I and we couldn’t be happier!! Little Harper was almost a week late and her parents were quite anxious for her arrival…as was the rest of the family. When it came time for her to arrive, did she ever come in with a BANG!! Labor was extremely fast and she arrived about 40 minutes after they made it to the hospital and she nearly was born in the ER (which the ER nurses were really hoping for!!)…but thankfully, the midwife made the decision to take our daughter, Jess, up to the maternity floor and they made it…barely! We welcomed this healthy and beautiful little girl at 12:01 am – which means she shares the same date (not month) with her big sister, Emma, who was also born on the 29th (of her March). That will make it easy to remember!! Harper came home about 21 hours after she was born and was welcomed by Emma and her (four-legged) brothers!! This wonderful family is settling in and mom and dad, aka…Jess and Sean…are adjusting to life with a baby and toddler…and doing quite well, though learning that it’s a bit more work keeping up with two girls! I can’t wait to see what life will be like for them in a year or two…they will be busy, but I know they love these girls more than they ever imagined they could and are very thankful for their daughters! A little warning on this blog…it’s long, as I couldn’t narrow it down anymore…so settle in and relax while you enjoy some photos of sweet little Harper Rae!

HarperBlog_0007HarperBlog_0008HarperBlog_0009HarperBlog_0010My husband and I are thrilled to have a new granddaughter to share our time with!
HarperBlog_0011Happy and excited that she’s now a BIG SISTER…Emma was all smiles on the way home from meeting Harper!HarperBlog_0012HarperBlog_0013HarperBlog_0014HarperBlog_0015HarperBlog_0016HarperBlog_0017HarperBlog_0018HarperBlog_0020HarperBlog_0021HarperBlog_0019Cousin Jayden is so excited about her new little cousin and is a big help with Harper…as you can see, she’s loving any cuddle time with her!!HarperBlog_0022HarperBlog_0024HarperBlog_0025HarperBlog_0026HarperBlog_0027HarperBlog_0028HarperBlog_0029HarperBlog_0030She’s too perfect for words! HarperBlog_0031HarperBlog_0032HarperBlog_0033HarperBlog_0035HarperBlog_0034HarperBlog_0036HarperBlog_0037HarperBlog_0039HarperBlog_0038HarperBlog_0040HarperBlog_0041HarperBlog_0042HarperBlog_0043HarperBlog_0044HarperBlog_0045And now she’s a month old and look at her lovely nursery…her momma did a fabulous job with it…LOVE the colors and the quilt was handmade for Harper!HarperBlog_0046HarperBlog_0047HarperBlog_0049HarperBlog_0050HarperBlog_0051HarperBlog_0052HarperBlog_0048HarperBlog_0053One month is down and I look forward to watching this little beauty over the next months and years ahead…I know she has great things in store for her!

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