Violet & Lincoln | {Puyallup Children’s Photography}

Goodness me, I was so lucky to get to see this family regularly for two years…starting out with Lincoln’s newborn photos and through the Babe’s First Year and following him to his first birthday. Then, the fun continued as he was joined by little sister, Violet and that meant another year of this awesome family.  These adorable kids are so sweet and blessed to have their parents, Shawna and Phillip…they are loved and adored by them and you can see they are such happy kids, surrounded by wonderful parents to guide them! The highlight of this session was Violet’s first birthday (we were a little late between my recovery from surgery and the kids both getting colds)…and of course, it wouldn’t be complete if we didn’t include the rest of the family! Even Lincoln got a cupcake in celebration of his 2nd birthday. Violet is a beautiful and very sweet little one, who is busy and on the move, but then again, she has her big brother to keep up with, so I wasn’t a bit surprised!! Lincoln was a little quieter, but his smile just beams and I could see he was just taking in everything and checking it all out. He’s a loving big brother and is very kind and gentle towards Violet! Oh, how I’ve loved getting to know this family over the past two years…they are so kind, considerate and thoughtful and watching them grow from a family of two to four has been heartwarming!!