Abigail – Seven Months Old {Family Photographer}

The past month has been a busy month for me and I’ve been out of town more than I’ve been home…but I’m not complaining, it’s all been GREAT! You saw the photos from the trip to Utah that my husband and I made last month. Well, a few days after returning home from that I packed up again and this time flew off to North Carolina. I spent a couple of nights with a good friend, Cindy Hamilton, and her husband, before Cindy and I headed to Knoxville, Tennessee for a photography workshop. That was an incredible experience and I hope to post a blog about that (when I have a bit more time!) and all the wonderful people I met there. After the workshop, I rode to Nashville with some other fellow photographer friends, Karol Grace and Susan Patton, and spent a night with Karol and her husband before heading back home! My flight didn’t leave until later in the afternoon, so sweet little Abigail, who I photographed this past summer during a visit to Tennessee,   (Baby Abigail)  helped fill my time before I headed back home. Her “Nana” arranged to pick me up and we met Abigail and her mom and her  other Nana at Centennial Park for a fun little session. Boy, has this adorable little girl grown, she’s just as cute, wait, cuter….and so very sweet! It was my pleasure to see all of them and capture some more memories of her first year for her family! The weather was nice, a bit bright, but we found shade and stayed cool during the session. At the very end, after I said we were finished (warning…I tend to say that and then there usually ends up being at least one more spot or set of photos!!!)…I spied The Parthenon, which is the centerpiece of this urban park in Nashville! It seemed like the perfect spot…this incredible piece of architecture with this precious little baby, the two just had to meet! Before this, Abigail was getting a bit hungry and ready to be finished, but once we plopped her at the top of the stairs, she was a delight, her smile came back and she seemed to be quite happy to be the center of attention! The end came and it was time to say goodbye to Abigail and her mom…sad to not know when I’ll see them again, but we are scheming to figure out how I can do her one year photos…it would be disappointing to miss that special event!! Enjoy this cutie….her smile just warms your heart and those eyes…well, you can see for yourself, they’re amazing!

“Nana” Brenda tells Abigail a secret…such a wonderful moment between the two!

Abigail with her mom, Allison on the left and with her other “Nana” (Sharon) on the right…how wonderful they are all close enough to share special times together!

Little bitty Abigail…looking to the future which has endless possibilies before her!

Loved so by both of her Nana’s…isn’t she a luckly little girl!

The star of the show…she’s thanking everyone for attending her command performance!!

See what I mean when I say “the eyes” – aren’t they just stunning and it’s as though you can see into the future when you look into them!

I just love babies little fingers and toes…can’t ever resist these sweet parts of precious little ones!

Sneak Peek – Sydney {Puyallup Senior Photographer}

 Well, technically, this isn’t a senior from Puyallup, but she was visiting and so therefore we’ll call it “Puyallup!”  And, to be totally honest, this is my niece, who I must say is gorgeous…look at her…she’s as sweet and nice as she is beautiful! For now, you’ll have to be satisified with just this one photograph as I’m heading out of town EARLY tomorrow morning…my flight leaves at 6 am and I’m headed EAST! I’m spending two days with a great friend and wonderful photographer, Cindy Hamilton, and then we are driving to Knoxville, TN for a 6 day workshop on portraiture…I can’t wait…SO excited to learn new techniques and how to improve my work…because you know you can ALWAYS improve on it! So, it’ll be quiet here for the next week or two…unless I get inspired (and some free time…which probably isn’t going to happen, free time, that is!) and can post some of our work from the workshop! For now, enjoy this beautiful young woman, Sydney, who is a senior in The Dalles, Oregon and will graduate next spring…more to come later this month!

Back from Vacation…

 Hello there…and if you were wondering where I’d gone…just know that I didn’t fall off the face of the earth…nor did I fall off a cliff, although we were hiking along many during vacation. My husband and I took nearly 2 weeks and flew to Salt Lake City and then traveled through the national parks down there. It was FABULOUS and we loved every minute of it…despite the fact that it wasn’t a “resting” vacation…it was just as wonderful! And, we got more exercise during this time that probably any other time in our lives…we were on the go every day, all day long…and it felt great…even the tired feet and sun-burnt lips (yes, that was me…used chap-stick, just didn’t have spf in it the first couple of days…I quickly learned!!)…all well worth it! If you have never been to any of these parks, we HIGHLY recommend it…they are amazing…actually, visiting any of our national parks is a real treat…we have so much to offer in our own country and really, not that far away…check them out!

Our first stop was Arches National Park…which was wonderful and awe-inspiring! The arches were truly amazing and we loved our time there…well, maybe not all our time there as we were staying in a motel (Days Inn) that was AWFUL…and when I say AWFUL…I  mean it…the good news, no bed bugs, but outside of that, it didn’t have a positive thing about it…and unfortunately, every place in Moab (the town we stayed in) was booked full while we were there…ugh…but we survived and that made each place there after even more enjoyable!!

Above, the Courthouse Towers in the morning sun and below the Landscape Arch late in the afternoon…so much to see there!

Next up was Canyonlands, a smaller and less busy park…it was as beautiful as the first and here we took our longest, toughest hike! We hiked a canyon which sounded pretty easy, but after over 4 hours and 6+ miles…hiking down into and then UP and out and back around…we were exhausted, but sort of surprised that we’d made it and were still standing…and after a few more bottles of water and some food, we were ready to go again! That same day we also visited Dead Horse State Park, which is between Arches and Canyonland…and that is where the Green River merges into the Colorado River…very pretty and we were there for sunset, though not a ton of color…it was still beautiful!

The photo above shows a section of rock (slickrock…that really isn’t slick!) that we actually climbed up…and then down…yikes, what were we thinking?!?

Dead Horse State Park at sunset

From there we headed to Capitol Reef…again, a smaller park and not quite as busy (we liked the “quieter” parks…as the bigger ones had TONS of tourists…and I mean “non” American tourists!! We were truly a minority at the larger parks!). We stayed in a town called Torrey…VERY small and not much there, but the motel was wonderful (another Days Inn) and we had dinner our second night at the most wonderful place, everything was spectacular about it…and as we left, there was a glorious sunset (no camera…or I guess I should say, just the little one!).

Petroglyphs that were carved on the rock cliffs…totally amazing!

Next, we were on to Bryce National Park which has the rock spirals and woodoos…which are incredible…you look down on them and it’s unbelievable that they’ve actually formed these just from nature….truly unbelievable! We also took another good hike here, down into the canyon, so we could get a different perspective on them, looking up…that was a wonderful hike…not as tough as the one from Canyonlands, but still a longer and more strenuous one.

From there we headed West, with some quick stops at Cedar Breaks, Kolob Canyon (north end of Zion NP) and Grafton (a ghost town)…before arriving in Springdale where we spent our last few days and explored Zion National Park. Again…a truly amazing park. It has tall canyon walls and cliffs that are incredible…and we even saw a couple of people climbing one…and evidently, they had been working on it for two days when we saw them…WOW…can’t EVEN imagine that! Zion was the only park where we couldn’t drive to the stops ourselves, they have a wonderful shuttle system that is great and really was a nice way to talk with others visiting the park, either while on the shuttle or waiting for one.

Fabulous fall colors from the Cedar Break area!

From Grafton ghost town, just outside of the entrance to Zion NP

Above, the moon above a cliff in Zion…and below, the Virgin River….looking up the canyon narrows

Back at home…and as with any vacation, there is the usual to catch up on…laundry, mail, house and I have some work that didn’t get done before I left, so have that on my plate as well!  Of course, one of the nicer things about coming home…sleeping in your own bed….ahhhhh, that felt so nice last night…after four different motels in the past two weeks, coming home to ours was a real treat!! Today…my first day back, I had a “Mimi day” which is one of my most favorite of the week…when I watch our granddaughter…she’s truly a blessing in our lives and I’m blessed to be able to have her a couple of days a week. Mind you, I don’t get much work done on those days, but who cares…time with family and those you love is more valuable than any work time…at least in my opinion!

I hope this finds you all doing well…enjoying fall and hopefully, some nice fall weather! I do love the fall, the colors, the crisp cool mornings and the smell of dew in the evenings…and as my husband likes to remind me…it’s time to start cooking some “cold weather” meals…like soups, stews, casseroles, etc…so bring on fall!!

Two Beauties…and their parents {Puyallup Family Photographer}

 A perfect way to start a day… a session with a lovely family. This family met me at my home and we headed to a nearby park as it was dry and not too cold, so we figured we would shoot outside, which proved to be just perfect! The girls, Sarah and Natalie were GREAT…they loved the park and were especially excited about the ducks on the pond! It was wonderful to see their enthusiasm for the outdoors…and neither one of them was afraid of anything (well, maybe the goose…who isn’t so nice!) and I think if given the chance, would have wandered right into the pond to get closer to the ducks! Girls who aren’t afraid to get dirty, who don’t let anything hold them back…that is these two girls…and their parents were relaxed and just enjoyed watching them BE!! It was refreshing to see such a happy family that seemed to just appreciate being outdoors on this beautiful morning…and I appreciated that they were relaxed and trusted in me to capture some moments in a day of their life!

Sweet little Natalie…said to me “Miss Terri, see the ducks!”  It was so cute…

Sarah, is precious…very kind and yet, definitely FULL of life, which is exactly what every four year old should be…she was a delight!!

Daddy and his girls…such a heartwarming moment…nothing is more touching than seeing the connection between a parent and their children!

Natalie definitely is a happy little one…the only time she got a little fussy was when she got hungry and a handful of raisins completely recharged her…at least through the rest of the session!

Isn’t Sarah a beautiful girl…look at those eyelashes…and that smile just lights up her face…she has such a great spirit!

Ahhh…rocks…this was quite entertaining…and I wonder why we buy toys for kids when they absolutely LOVE playing with pebbles and gravel?!

Dad and Mom or otherwise known as Tom and Karen…what a kind and loving couple…they were so much fun during this session, it was a my pleasure to spend some time getting to know them and their girls…what GREAT parents they are!

And, here’s that smile again….can’t get enough of it!

LOVE this shot…mom and dad are so natural when together and these two sweet little girls of theirs are obviously their greatest joys in their lives! 

Tom, Karen, Sarah and Natalie…thank you for a fun morning session…this should hold you over until I have the gallery ready for you to see all the photos from that day…there are lots more that I think you will like!

Beautiful Hailey {Puyallup Children’s Photographer}

I must say that what first comes to my mind when I see this cute little one…Shirley Temple! And I’m guessing most of you think that as well…the curls are so pretty…and those combined with this beautiful little girl…makes her just perfect! Hailey is three and is a typical three year old…curious, busy, full of energy and independent! It was a delight to photograph her and to have her mom (dad is in the military and not home right now), grandparents and her aunt and uncle join her…what a great looking group they all are! The morning wwe met was cloudy and a tad cooler than it had been, but it worked out great and we enjoyed strolling around the pond.  Hailey proved to be quite the explorer, collecting sticks, flowers, grass, rocks and more…I love watching little ones explore their environment! It’s obvious she loves her mom and was happy to have those she loved with her that day…and don’t let that beautiful face fool you…she is strong willed and determined to do things her way…which is a good thing, but I’m guessing she keeps everyone on their toes! It was a delight to photograph her and spend the morning with her family…thank you for asking me to capture a bit of life for your family that day!!

These are so precious… Hailey and her mom, Tara…I’m guessing they will be sent on to dad…along with a few others!

Wow, did this family do a great job with their colors or what…they all look so nice and were a very nice group to photograph!

This smile above, looks a bit mischievous to me…and as you can see below…Hailey was always in the lead, looking for something new to check out!

Such a beautiful little girl…what a blessing she is to her parents!

As I said, she collected many things along our walk…here are just two of her many sticks…and I think they even managed to leave without taking much of it home with them!!

Hailey with her grandparents…Meme and Papa…which I loved hearing because that’s what our granddaughter calls my husband and myself!

A little time for dress-up…she’s just so darn cute and with this tutu and hat…and necklace, what little girl wouldn’t be having a good time!

A bit of dancing…and some quiet moments (there weren’t many!)…round out this posting of sweet little Hailey…for her family, they will get to see more once the gallery is posted on line…stay tuned!

A Special Family {Idaho Family Photographer}

 Another session from last month while I was on vacation in Idaho was with a very special family, the Barnes! Ned and Linda are the parents of this wonderful group and live in Spokane, Washington, although they have a summer home on Priest Lake in Idaho and it was a wonderful setting for this great family to gather on this beautiful summer day! They have three children, all married and unfortunately, one of their sons and his family were not able to be there for this session, but we were able to get their other two children, their children and some extended family together for these photos…what fun time I had with everyone! Of course, how can one not enjoy any time at a location with such a beautiful view…and I must tell you that I’m a sucker for a water location and especially a lake…I’m a “lake girl” at heart!! So, when asked if I could come out and photograph their family by Linda, I didn’t have to think twice about this opportunity…my only questions were when and for directions!

Besides Ned and Linda, there was their daughter and her family, Katie and Larry as well as their children, Evie and Quinn. Also visiting was Larry’s mother, Olive and his sister, Ruth. Next up with son, Mitch…and his family who were visiting from Spain. Mitch’s wife, Raquel and their children Neddy and Michelle, were joined by other visitors (family) from Spain…Raquel’s father and mother – Pablo and Mari Te and her sister, Sara.   And, we can’t forget Mary Jay, who is Ned and Linda’s beautiful dog…such a  sweet tempermant…and she loved being there with everyone!

This group was very relaxed, but who wouldn’t be when spending a summer day on a beach of a beautiful lake…with no schedule….just a day of fun and relaxation!!

Sweet little Michelle and Neddy…aren’t they adorable!!

Linda with her grandchildren…she’s so blessed to have such wonderful and sweet grandchildren!

Quinn…he was a very quiet and serious little guy…and he took everything in and carefully thought things through…but I managed to find some smiles inside of him before the session was over!

The Spain family…such a GREAT looking group!

Little Neddy…he is very curious and not afraid of much (except for slivers…see photo below!)…and explored everything he saw…what a wonderful spirit he has!

This is Katie’s family (from California) and their daughter, Evie on the right. Evie is a beautiful girl and was very sweet and gentle…such a caring child.

Ned and Linda with Katie and Mitch…it was too bad their son, Eric, wasn’t there…then this would have been a perfect picture!

Little Michelle (11 months old) has the most beautiful eyes and the greatest smile!…and was a delight to watch…she loved her big cousin, Evie!

Wow…trying to get four children to all look in the same direction and happy…definitely a challenge…and thanks to their parents, we were successful!

Isn’t this the most beautiful dog you’ve ever seen…Mary Jay is SO sweet and gentle and was happy to just be there, but even happier when somone would throw one of her toys for her!

Poor Neddy got a sliver in his foot while walking around in his bare feet…good thing dad (Mitch) came to the rescue with a band-aid!

A wonderful and fun group…I thoroughly enjoyed my time with them this afternoon!

These two cousins have obviously bonded and despite their age difference and the distance between their homes, it’s obvious they will always be close!

Evie was playing with Michelle’s toes…so cute!

Hmmm….who was having more fun playing with the toys on the beach…Neddy, or Grandma Linda?!! I think we can see who it might be!

Ned and Linda Barnes…a loving a generous couple who have not only given so much to their children and grandchildren, they have also given to their friends and community…both are kind and quick to give a helping hand to whoever might need it. I know they have been there for my family at times and I know there are many others who have been blessed with their generous spirit as well. This couple is blessed in so many ways, but also are both fighting cancer right now, so they can certainly use any postive thoughts and prayers right now…they have so much left to give and I know they will fight with every ounce of their beings to beat the diseases!  LOVE YOU GUYS!!!

Spike and Molly’s 50th Anniversary {Idaho Event Photography}

My apologies to all, life has been a bit crazy lately and I’m behind on my blog posts…please know that I haven’t forgotten you, if you are waiting for one, I promise to get to them and eventually get caught up!

So…here’s a past due post, from a wonderful celebration last month for two very special people. Spike and Molly Lynch asked if I would photograph their 50th anniversary at Priest Lake, Idaho (actually, a small lake right by Priest, called Chase Lake). This was held at a beautiful facility, Sundance Mt. Lodge, which was a perfect location for such a celebration. There are some wonderful views and a quaint little lake that was so beautiful and as you can imagine, we enjoyed taking some time to photograph around the grounds and lake. This lovely couple has been special friends of my family for as long as I can remember and to be able to share in such a wonderful time of their lives was an honor. The evening was very relaxed which began with a cocktail hour and some appetizers and then a delicious meal, followed with an amazing slideshow made up of photos from their 50 years together…they are truly a blessed couple…with wonderful family and such special friends who gathered that evening to share in the celebration.

Spike and Molly, with their daughters and family…which is what a celebration like this is all about…sharing with those you love!

A wonderful buffet served by the staff of Sundance Mt. Lodge…highly recommended!!

Family and friends shared stories and memories of times with Spike and Molly…what fun to hear all the great times everyone had shared with this great couple!

Those who know and love Spike and Molly know that you always have a great time and laughing is part of any time with them!

And, yes…I was fast enough to capture this kiss…so great to see the love after 50 years together…CONGRATULATIONS!!

Guests were asked to put together a scrapbook page with memories over the years…it was a fun surprise and treat for Spike and Molly!

I LOVE this photo, from the slideshow…dogs were a part of their family most of their years together…and you can see this little guy was well loved!

Spike and Molly with their daughters and their “adopted” daughters who grew up across the street from them…and opened their home and shared in their lives.

This is their youngest granddaughter who did not realize I was taking photos of her…as she “bellied up to the bar” at the end of the evening…isn’t she a cutie!!

 Many of the guests stayed at the lodge that night and were able to enjoy a wonderful breakfast the next morning, prepared by owner, Tony Wallace.

This is the side of the lodge you see when you arrive…look at the beautiful skies and great secluded setting!

Some of the many photos I took during my time there!

View from the lake…with an amazing view from the deck(s)…and some of the rooms have a lake view as well!

If you are every in the North Idaho area and looking for somewhere quiet and beautiful to stay…check out – Sundance Mt. Lodge…whether it be summer or winter (snowmobilers!!)…it’s definitely worth checking out!

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