Chicago | {Workshop and more!}

Just last weekend I was in Chicago for a few days and thought I would share a peek at what I was lucky enough to see (and do) while there. A workshop with Audrey Woolard is what brought myself and a friend there. It was a wonderful workshop, focusing on shooting in full sun and working with some great “tweens” who were not only beautiful girls, but all very sweet and fun to get to know. On the first day of the workshop, we had gorgeous weather…about 75 degrees and not a cloud in the sky…talk about a perfect fall day! The second day was even warmer! An added bonus on the second day was that it was the day of the Chicago Marathon, which is one of the six major world marathons…and the course took it RIGHT in front of the studio! How lucky were we…getting to see the VERY first group going by, including the handcyclers and then the first group of runners (with the top finishers being in that group!). Of course, we all had to take a few photos of the runners, who could pass up an opportunity like that, as well as a chance to cheer them all on! I traveled with a good friend, Connie, and we had a day on each end of the weekend to see some of the sights. I’ve been to Chicago before, but Connie had not, so it was fun to show her some of the highlights!

Chicago_0001Millennium Park


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Harper…PRECIOUS | {Puyallup Newborn Photography}

It’s about time that I’m getting this blog posted…and it’s been killing me that I haven’t had the time lately to get it ready and posted because it’s a very special one for me…it’s of our newest little granddaughter, Harper, who arrived at the end of July! This makes three precious and beautiful granddaughters for my husband and I and we couldn’t be happier!! Little Harper was almost a week late and her parents were quite anxious for her arrival…as was the rest of the family. When it came time for her to arrive, did she ever come in with a BANG!! Labor was extremely fast and she arrived about 40 minutes after they made it to the hospital and she nearly was born in the ER (which the ER nurses were really hoping for!!)…but thankfully, the midwife made the decision to take our daughter, Jess, up to the maternity floor and they made it…barely! We welcomed this healthy and beautiful little girl at 12:01 am – which means she shares the same date (not month) with her big sister, Emma, who was also born on the 29th (of her March). That will make it easy to remember!! Harper came home about 21 hours after she was born and was welcomed by Emma and her (four-legged) brothers!! This wonderful family is settling in and mom and dad, aka…Jess and Sean…are adjusting to life with a baby and toddler…and doing quite well, though learning that it’s a bit more work keeping up with two girls! I can’t wait to see what life will be like for them in a year or two…they will be busy, but I know they love these girls more than they ever imagined they could and are very thankful for their daughters! A little warning on this blog…it’s long, as I couldn’t narrow it down anymore…so settle in and relax while you enjoy some photos of sweet little Harper Rae!

HarperBlog_0007HarperBlog_0008HarperBlog_0009HarperBlog_0010My husband and I are thrilled to have a new granddaughter to share our time with!
HarperBlog_0011Happy and excited that she’s now a BIG SISTER…Emma was all smiles on the way home from meeting Harper!HarperBlog_0012HarperBlog_0013HarperBlog_0014HarperBlog_0015HarperBlog_0016HarperBlog_0017HarperBlog_0018HarperBlog_0020HarperBlog_0021HarperBlog_0019Cousin Jayden is so excited about her new little cousin and is a big help with Harper…as you can see, she’s loving any cuddle time with her!!HarperBlog_0022HarperBlog_0024HarperBlog_0025HarperBlog_0026HarperBlog_0027HarperBlog_0028HarperBlog_0029HarperBlog_0030She’s too perfect for words! HarperBlog_0031HarperBlog_0032HarperBlog_0033HarperBlog_0035HarperBlog_0034HarperBlog_0036HarperBlog_0037HarperBlog_0039HarperBlog_0038HarperBlog_0040HarperBlog_0041HarperBlog_0042HarperBlog_0043HarperBlog_0044HarperBlog_0045And now she’s a month old and look at her lovely nursery…her momma did a fabulous job with it…LOVE the colors and the quilt was handmade for Harper!HarperBlog_0046HarperBlog_0047HarperBlog_0049HarperBlog_0050HarperBlog_0051HarperBlog_0052HarperBlog_0048HarperBlog_0053One month is down and I look forward to watching this little beauty over the next months and years ahead…I know she has great things in store for her!

Mr. & Mrs. Kalebaugh | Oregon Wedding Photographer

Just four short weeks ago, this beautiful, young couple was joined by family and dear friends as they shared a special day of committing to each other…for a lifetime! Sydney and Tobin became husband and wife and I don’t think I’ve seen a couple that has wanted that more, that were more committed and excited to join together as one! Of course, I must admit, I’m a tad biased as Sydney is my niece, my brother’s youngest and I was so excited to be able to share in this very special day with all of them! They were married on a hot day in The Dalles, OR, but it certainly could have been hotter and there wasn’t much wind (which can be a problem there), and there weren’t any fires (they came two weeks later)…so it was obviously a very blessed day for them to have such great conditions and to have so many people be able to share in their amazing day! Sydney is a bit social, well okay, a LOT and makes friends with just about everyone she meets…hence, 12 bridesmaids! 😉 Although the largest wedding party I’ve ever photographed, it was probably the most fun group, they were laughing and giggling most of the time and the whole group was willing to do just about anything…I had such a great time with this wedding party and love going through all of the photos – it really was a blast! Sydney and Tobin are now settling into married life in Moscow as Sydney returns to finish her last year of college and Tobin applies to Vet school…and I know that life ahead of them has great things in store…there will be bumps and turns they might not expect and challenges, but that is what commitment is all about, learning how to navigate these things together, working to grow your relationship and make it ever stronger! I’m so excited to see where they will be in just 5 short years…and can only imagine the stories they will have to share from their adventures together! (WARNING: there are a LOT of photos here…I just had too many I wanted to share. so you are warned to settle down and get comfortable while you go through these!!)
storyboard001storyboard002storyboard003storyboard004storyboard005Laundry day!! Pretty nice looking laundry, isn’t it! storyboard006Sydney actually had two wedding dresses, both were custom made in the Philippines earlier this year when she was living over there…the one on the left was worn at the reception…both were stunning on her!!storyboard007storyboard008storyboard009storyboard010storyboard011A little prayer before everything began…storyboard012storyboard013Such a gorgeous bride!!!storyboard014storyboard015storyboard016storyboard017Okay…on the count of three, girls, PINCH someone’s butt…ONE TWO THREE….GO!storyboard018storyboard019storyboard020Talk about a veil!storyboard021Beautiful mother of the bride, Betsy, has a little time with the girls before heading to get things done!storyboard022We were lucky enough to take the wedding party photos on my brother and sister in-laws property, over looking the Columbia River and this one with a view of Mt. Adams in the background.storyboard023Absolutely gorgeous…Sydney was glowing!!storyboard024First look…Tobin had to come find Sydney…it was very touching!
storyboard025storyboard026storyboard027storyboard028Talk about a GREAT looking wedding party!!storyboard029storyboard030storyboard031storyboard032Proud (and emotional) dad…he’s truly blessed with two amazing daughters!!storyboard033storyboard034storyboard035storyboard036storyboard037Do I really have to let her go?! 😉storyboard038storyboard039Ha…if you know this family at all, you would know they like to have fun and goof around a lot, this was all in jest and we had some fun with these “shots!” LOLstoryboard040storyboard041storyboard042storyboard043storyboard044storyboard045Last minute details…one of the maids of honor, big sis, Sam, gets flowers ready for the flower girls!storyboard046The reception was help at The Dalles Readiness Center, a brand new facility, which was perfect for this large event and we had some amazing views from the deck outside…what a great location!storyboard047storyboard048You might notice the cake in the center of the table…each table had their own cake, each made by mother of the bride (Betsy)…a lot of work and let me tell you, it was DELICIOUS…and what a great way to keep the tables together for a nice visit…during the evening!storyboard049Testing out the dance floor before the ceremony…looking great!storyboard050As I said…great views!!!storyboard051Adorable flower girls and ring bearer…and all so sweet!
storyboard052storyboard053storyboard054storyboard055storyboard056storyboard057Sydney and Tobin are blessed to both have amazing and supportive parents!!storyboard058storyboard059storyboard060storyboard061storyboard062storyboard063storyboard064Here comes the bride…storyboard065storyboard066storyboard067storyboard068Wow, look at everyone!!storyboard069storyboard070storyboard071storyboard072storyboard073storyboard074storyboard075storyboard076storyboard077storyboard078storyboard079storyboard080storyboard081storyboard082A peek at their “getaway” car before they head in to the reception…it’s pretty spectacular!!!!storyboard083storyboard084And a special cake for the bride and groom!!storyboard085storyboard086storyboard087storyboard088Very proud dads….
storyboard089storyboard090storyboard091The first dance…storyboard092storyboard094Anniversary dance…and the winners, Mel and Jackie Schmidt…married 55 years (I believe!)…and dear family friends!storyboard094astoryboard095Oh my, it really was a blessed day with a sunset like this!storyboard096What a fun reception…Tobin’s dad called for some swing dancing and the room was all up moving!!storyboard097storyboard098A little uncertainty about who really caught the bouquet…so just share it…four more weddings ahead?!?

storyboard099storyboard100storyboard102This was crazy…when it was time, they were out of there, about as fast as they could go…too darn cute!!storyboard103storyboard104Mr. and Mrs. Tobin Kalebaugh

What an amazing day it was, Sydney and Tobin, I wish you years and years of happiness and joy!

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