Sammy – Orting HS Senior | {Puyallup Senior Photographer}

It’s been a pleasure to get to know this beautiful senior the past couple months during her sessions. Not only is she beautiful, but she’s an active, fun, funny and energetic young lady is who embarking on her last year of high school. A senior at Orting High School, a cheerleader, a daughter, a friend, a sister, and a student – all make up Sammy, or Samantha…a free spirited individual who has been a blast to hang out during her sessions. These are from last week when we met before senior night, to capture some shot in her cheer uniform and then later than night during the season’s last football ball game for the school, which also honored all the seniors on the football team, cheer and dance squads. As you can see, Sammy makes my job easy!!


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Olson Family | {Edgewood Family Photographer}

On a beautiful summer evening, I had the pleasure of sharing some time with this great family! The couple responsible for this group is Bob and Wendy and I must tell you, they have to be quite proud of their boys, Jarrod and Chad their daughter in-laws, Laura and Kendra, and their grandchildren! All were delightful and so great to work with…not to mention all good looking….it’s obvious they have it in their genes!! Wendy, mom or grandma, is a first grade teacher at Fruitland Elementary in Puyallup and I had the pleasure of meeting her a couple of years ago when our granddaughter had her for a teacher. Now, if you have had a child at Fruitland, you know who “Mrs. Olson” is…she is one of those rare and amazing teachers who makes such an impact on her students that they will never forget her and will always have wonderful memories of their year in her class. She’s truly amazing…in so many ways! Bob, I met the day of the session, but have heard about him and how can a guy who’s married to such a fabulous woman, not be great himself!! They have two boys and four grandchildren – three grandsons and one granddaughter! Sweet little Heidi, the only granddaughter is definitely a sparkle in the families eye…and I know how much fun it has been for Wendy to have a little girl in the family, after having two boys herself!! Of course, the grandsons, Cameron, Travis and Oliver (or Ollie) are very handsome boys and all so nice and polite…oh my, what an impressive family!! It was warm and the park was busy, but we managed to get the boys to break from frisbee for a bit for some photos…of course, they’d much rather play than settle down for photos, but they were great sports and took a break! As a grandma (mimi) myself, I know what it’s like to have the connection with your grandchildren…I’m fortunate enough to have mine in the same town, but Wendy and Bob’s grandchildren (and boys!!) live out of state, so making the most of time with them during a visit is so important! Watching them with their family was heartwarming and refreshing…seeing family gather and just enjoy one another’s company is a wonderful sight! storyboard002storyboard003storyboard004Ollie is nearly 5 and a busy boy with an amazing laugh and smile…he was full of energy and hard to pin down for a photo, so holding him, upside down at that, worked quite well!!storyboard005Jarrod and Laura and handsome sons, Travis and Cameron….what a delightful family…I was quite impressed with how polite the boys were!storyboard006Kendra and Chad…and Heidi and Ollie…the cutest family and OH, such fun to be around!! storyboard007storyboard010Special time for these grandparents…having all of their grandchildren visit at the same time!storyboard008Oh my goodness, this was the cutest thing Chad did with Ollie and Heidi…storyboard009

Grandma time…priceless!storyboard011storyboard012storyboard013The Olsen men…tradition carries on!storyboard014storyboard015storyboard016Laura and her boys…wow, so great looking!!storyboard017storyboard018Ollie, as I said, he was on the go…and loving every minute of it!!storyboard019storyboard020Peek-a-boo!!!storyboard021Watching Heidi and Ollie together was the sweetest thing…they are so cute together!!storyboard022A rare moment when Ollie was not moving and I managed to grab this shot of he and Heidi.storyboard023LOVE ~ LOVE ~ LOVEstoryboard024He is ALL boy!!!storyboard025 storyboard027storyboard028storyboard029As I said, Ollie has the BEST laugh…it was contagious!!storyboard030And these eyes…OH MY GOODNESS…such a natural beauty!storyboard031storyboard032Wendy and Bob…it was a delight to meet your family and spend a little time with you! You are blessed to have such a wonderful family and I’m glad they were all visiting at the same time so we can get a session in with everyone!!

Jordan | WRHS 2014 Senior

Last month I had the pleasure of meeting and photographing Jordan for her senior year! If you live in the Pacific Northwest area, you might recall (most can’t forget!!) the foggy period we had, where the fog hung on for well over a week…nearly all day every day!! My…I know that fall around here can be a bit cool and windy and even wet, but the fog…it was not fun and I believe that everyone was more than ready for it to vanish! Well, Jordan’s session was at 9 am on a Saturday, so I was pretty sure we’d have that “in the mix” of the photos! We arrived at her high school (White River High School)…and there was fog, BUT…the sun was doing it’s best to try and break through it. So, we had the fog, but it was brighter than at other times and the sun might have just been shining a time or two…what a treat! I’d met Jordan’s mom, sister and nephew earlier this year and was looking forward to meeting this beautiful young woman! A huge part of Jordan’s life is fast pitch softball and it has been for many years…so needless to say, we wanted to make sure to include that in her session. This busy and inspired young woman is so down to earth and besides just loving hanging out with friends, she also enjoys watching football…in her free time!! She has great goals for her future and plans are to attend Central Washington University next year and would like to major in sports business and her ideal job would be to work with a (major) sports team in the Seattle area after graduation…you go, Jordan!! I have no doubts she will achieve all her heart desires!!


LOVE LOVE LOVE her dimple…it just adds to her natural beauty…and she’s just as beautiful inside as out!storyboard004storyboard005storyboard006storyboard007storyboard008storyboard009

Ahh…the “serious” look was a challenge…and she usually followed this (brief) look by lots of laughing…oh, it was such fun to see…a happy and easy going nature!storyboard010storyboard011storyboard012storyboard013storyboard014storyboard015

We made sure to pull mom (aka…Sara) in for a couple of photos…you can see just how much she loves and respects her “baby!”storyboard016storyboard017storyboard018storyboard019

Jordan, it was wonderful to meet you and spend some time hanging out with you on this foggy Saturday morning! You totally rocked the session and I was so impressed at your ease and how relaxed and natural you were through it all! Your future is unlimited and I know you will make the most of whatever comes your way…my best to you and whatever life brings your way!! Here’s to a new chapter in your life!!

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