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Brylee turns ONE | {delightful}

It was my pleasure and privilege to see and photograph Brylee last weekend! I first photographed her just about a year ago…when she was only 8 days old…it’s hard to believe she’s a year now and has grown so much! A little peanut at birth, she is now a very happy, sweet and beautiful baby…and has the best disposition! She was smiling when they walked in the door and she was still smiling when they left…it doesn’t get much better than that!! 🙂  When I first met Brylee and her parents last year, I instantly knew that this was a special family and so kind and thoughtful…and as I’ve watched Brylee through the sessions this past year, it is obvious that this is one GREAT family and they all LOVE their life.  What a blessing they are to one another…and I’m thankful to have met and gotten to know them…and look forward to watching them all grow in the years ahead, as Brylee grows as well! Now, on to some photos of this cutie! 

Such a happy and easy going little girl…this sweetheart is in great hands with her parents guiding her way!


Brylee certainly has her daddy wrapped around her little finger…it’s obvious he loves her and would do anything for her…such a beautiful thing to witness!

What little girl doesn’t love shoes?! And these shoe were SO cute…and Brylee took them off and just seemed to admire time…getting a good sense of fashion early on!
This chair is in it’s third generation and what is more special than something to carry on through the years…and believe me, it’s well made and is really nice…but I’ll tell you, Brylee can really ROCK this…she is definitely not one to be still for long!
 Talk about beautiful eyes, the blue and sparkle just seemed to shine through…during the entire session…and in case dad doesn’t know it, he’s going to have his hands full when she gets to be a teenager…I can tell she will be a true beauty…inside and out, like her mother!cupCake smash…this little, dainty girl, was not so dainty with the cupcake and boy, did she ever have a good time making a big mess and it was SO much fun to watch…she definitely gets the award for the little one whose done the best job of playing/destroying/eating her cupcake…it was GREAT!!!!!!!  

Kiwi & Kiki – Valentine’s | {cute, cute, cute}

What can I say, these photos speak for themselves! You’ve seen these little girls before, three of them below to the owners of “Kiwi and Kiki” and they are modeling some of their great new items they have for sale! Of course, the pettiskirts…they are the star of this shoot…so darn cute and I can’t imagine any little (or big!) girl that wouldn’t want one of these! The three red ones were for Christmas for their girls and the purple one…well, I am happy to say that it’s mine…and I have it here for any little ones that would like to wear it during a shoot! How cute would a newborn or a 6 month old, just sitting up, be surrounded by the beautiful ruffles of lavendar! My granddaughter was the model this day for the skirt and I have a feeling she will be asking to wear it again when she’s over…and who can blame her, how fun is it!
There are also some adorable and fun headbands, bows and flowers for your little darlings for Valentine’s and spring…you’ve got to see their things…great stuff! There are some fun other things, like an adorable pillow that would be perfect for Valentine’s…for anyone, from little to big and check out the t-shirt with the heart on the front…super sweet!  Can’t forget the newest headbands for the dolls…matching at that…perfect for the girls…and the cupcakes…they look so real, you’ll want to take a bite…as you can see, the girls nearly did!! Okay, so I must admit, I really love what these gals make and sell, but besides that, in the past year (plus!) that I’ve been working with them, I’ve gotten to know them and their children (husbands, too…they are great “wranglers when needed!)…and am proud to call them my friends…they are both so nice, sincere, hardworking, great moms and just kind and generous people…who doesn’t want friends like this! I’m truly blessed to have “met” them and thankful for our friendship. Okay…on to the photos…the cute products and adorable girls!!!!
LOVE, this photo…her expression is so beautiful…and those eyes…wow!
As I said, my granddaughter (in the purple) was one of the models and she and the other girl in this photo became fast friends…they were having a great time, laughing, being silly and just enjoying being girls…love how kids can make friends so easily!!!
Our youngest little model and wouldn’t you know, she lasted longer than the other three, who headed off to play…this sweetie was great and we had a ton of fun with her…she’s so cute!!!!
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