Baby Michael {Puyallup Newborn Photographer}

On a wet and dark afternoon earlier this week, I had a wonderful session with a beautiful little one that certainly made me forget about the dreary weather! Baby Michael is just three weeks old and it was a pleasure to meet him after I had taken his mom’s maternity photos earlier this spring. Michael started out awake, but we were able to quickly “lure” him asleep and he did great through the whole session. It truly is amazing just how strong such a little one will be. He was picking up his head and moving it wherever HE wanted it…a very determined little one who I can see already will be a strong and confident individual. Here’s a preview of our session…he was sooo good…I just love newborns!!
Aren’t baby toes and feet the cutest thing ever!

More with Kelli… {Tacoma Portrait Photographer}

On Saturday when I met up with Kelli and her mom in Seattle, Kelli was disappointed that there wasn’t any graffiti around the area (there had been a wall, but it’s since been painted over)…so I mentioned that there was some great graffiti in Tacoma, if she was willing to come down that way? She didn’t hesitate a bit and said WHEN can I come! We arranged for yesterday (Tuesday) morning to meet up and take some more photos…and this time she brought along her sister, Lindsay. Perfect…a sister to help out, suggest some things and also to include in the photos! These girls were so much fun… we laughed a lot and it was obvious, that despite probably not always liking one another…they are great friends…so refreshing to see this!! And, we were quite lucky with the weather…it was overcast, but bright and no rain…although by the time I got home, it was pouring…someone was looking out for us!
So, here are some more of Kelli’s photos…as well as Lindsay…good luck to Kelli in figuring out what you want…it’s going to be tough!
Kelli is currently enrolled in Running Start with plans to become a nurse in the future…what a great goal…I see a bright future for her!

Kelli and Seattle…what a GREAT morning…perfect combination!

The time is near…the end of high school and on to a new chapter in her life…Kelli is about to embark on an exciting time of her life…college and the future! She’s a beautiful young woman who was fun and sweet during our session on Saturday morning. We met at Seattle Center and it couldn’t have been a nicer morning…talk about a perfect late spring day…that was certainly a sign that this would be a great session. Kelli and her mom were a delight during the session…and getting to know a bright young “soon to be graduate” was one of the highlights of my morning! Of course, spending a couple of hours in Seattle Center was a joy as well…I just love that place, so much to see, so many places to photograph…how could one not enjoy their time there?!? Here are some previews from the session…enjoy and for Kelli-know that more are to come soon….

Wow…those eye are amazing…how can one resist such beauty! Along with those beautiful eyes…she has a great spirit about her that is definitely a sign of character!
I love people who are up to a challenge or should I say someone with a bit of adventure in them…well, Kelli is just one of those people…when I saw this bright ORANGE graphic on the ground…with what Kelly was wearing…how could I resist asking if she’d get be willing to stand in it…but as you can see, there was a sign that sort of suggested we might not want to go inside of the yellow caution tape…but Kelli was up for it…and don’t worry, I checked, it was dry…so no worries, there aren’t any orange flip flop prints around Seattle Center…at least from us!!
With a smile like this…how can one not enjoy a session with a beautiful senior!
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