Sammy – Orting HS Senior | {Puyallup Senior Photographer}

It’s been a pleasure to get to know this beautiful senior the past couple months during her sessions. Not only is she beautiful, but she’s an active, fun, funny and energetic young lady is who embarking on her last year of high school. A senior at Orting High School, a cheerleader, a daughter, a friend, a sister, and a student – all make up Sammy, or Samantha…a free spirited individual who has been a blast to hang out during her sessions. These are from last week when we met before senior night, to capture some shot in her cheer uniform and then later than night during the season’s last football ball game for the school, which also honored all the seniors on the football team, cheer and dance squads. As you can see, Sammy makes my job easy!!


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Megan from Montana | {Tacoma Senior Photographer}

What a treat and honor to have met this beautiful young woman…Megan contacted me early this summer about her senior photos…which is normal, but the interesting part is that she lives in Montana!! She attends the same high school that one of my seniors from last year, Sierra, attended…and knowing that she and her family would be visiting the Seattle/Tacoma area this month, she inquired about a senior session.  A family wedding brought them here, although she used to live on McChord, so is familiar with the area. Flattered and excited, I was eager to meet her and hopefully, capture some special photos to help commemorate her final year of high school. All worked out, the weather was wonderful (although a bit warm, as Megan will attest to!!) and we met up on a Sunday afternoon at Ft. Steilacoom Park. Right from the start, I was impressed with this young lady, she carried herself with confidence and was ready to start right off the bat! Let me tell you, this gal is GORGEOUS, and I mean truly beautiful…and so very natural and comfortable with herself that it was easy to photograph her. Her smiles are incredible and her eyes…WOW, that’s the best word to describe them! Talking with Megan was easy and comfortable and as we  made our way through the session at two locations, she was fun to be around, and really impressed me with her goals and plans for the future…I know this gal will definitely go places and the possibilities are endless with her drive and determination!


Megan, it was truly my pleasure to meet and photograph you…I wish the very best for your senior year and whatever life has in store for you after high school…I know it will be great!

Derek – PHS 2014 Senior | {Puyallup Senior Photography}

A break in the spring rains and even some sunshine brought a fun session with a great young man, who will be graduating in a couple of months from Puyallup High School! Derek, is not only a handsome young man, but has plans and dreams for his future! I had not met Derek, nor his mom, Mary, before the session, but what a treat it was to spend some time with them on a lovely spring day! As you will see, Derek has a nice smile and he was easy to talk with and had a wonderful sense of humor and was willing to do just about anything for the photos. I would look at a tree and he’d ask if I wanted him to climb it…he was just that kind of guy! It’s refreshing to see such a confident and polite teenager, with ideas of what his future holds for him and I have no doubts that Derek will go places, do great things and make a good life for himself! His immediate future holds the finishing of high school and soccer for his team this spring and next fall, he’s looking at Western or WSU…either would be a great choice and I’m sure he’ll pick the school that will fit his needs and goals for the future!

storyboard001storyboard002storyboard003That smile was great…so natural and relaxed…I thoroughly enjoyed getting to know Derek during his session!storyboard004storyboard005storyboard006storyboard007Mom, aka, Mary, is obviously a wonderful person with such a neat son…I was happy to have a chance to talk with her and enjoyed hearing about her family!!storyboard008Derek’s girlfriend, Nichole, joined us for some photos as well…wow, a beautiful and bright young lady…and the two of them are a such a great looking couple!
storyboard009storyboard010storyboard011How could I resist not grabbing a couple of photos of Nichole…such a natural beauty with amazing skin and a smile that sparkles!storyboard012storyboard013storyboard014Derek…I wish the very best for you and your future…good luck with your choice of colleges and have fun during your last couple of months of high school…these are times that you will look back on with great memories down the road!!